Line Gundam Wars – Brave Commander / 4 Stars / Support / Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer


Series:Mobile Suit Gundam 00: Awakening of the Trailblazer
Space Terrain:Skilled
Land Terrain:Average
Underwater Terrain:Unskilled


HP:41585Critical Rate:5%
Beam Attack:1247Critical Damage:73
Physical Attack:1141Accuracy:419
Beam Defense:1008Evasion:482
Physical Defense1013Mobility:659
EN Recovery:499
Parameter at MAX Level & Grade


Skill 1:[Start-Up Skill]Let Me Say This … Live !!
Tag: [Start-Up] [All Allies] [Clone] [Self] [Increase Evasion]
Skill 2: [Rear Skill] GN Cannon
Tag: [Global Attack] [Beam Attribute] [Multiple Hits Attack] [All Allies] [Increase Evasion] [Increase Mobility] [Increase Accuracy] [Add Resistance – Disable Status Increases]
Skill 3: [Rear Skill] GN Beam Saber
Tag: [Frontline Attack] [Beam Attribute] [All Allies] [Increase Beam Attack] [Increase Physical Attack] [Prevent Status Reduction]
Skill 4: [Front Skill] Pilot Toward The Future
Tag: [All Enemies] [Reset Beam Damage Reduction & Immunity] [Reset Physical Damage Reduction & Immunity] [Reset Guardian] [Reset Beam Counter] [Reset Physical Counter] [Reset Prevent Critical] [Ally with Highest Beam Attack] [EN Charge] [Self Destruct]
Super Move[Super Move] TRANS-AM (Shooting)
Tag: [Global Attack] [Beam Attribute] [Flinch] [All Allies] [Increase Beam Damage] [Increase Physical Damage] [Ally with Highest Beam Attack] [Evasion Counter]
Ace Move / Lethal Move / Ex MoveUpdate Soon
Tag: Update Soon

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